About Fox Factor

Fox Factor arose, fundamentally, from the idea of equality.
From the belief that every woman deserves to be treated like a queen. And dress like one. And feel like one.

Ever since I was very young, I’ve noticed something that I couldn’t figure out.
The trendy clothes in stores would stop at size 40 or 42. And clothes sizes 42 and up were not as trendy or pretty.
Why is there a difference? I have always wondered.

Being older now, I know that there is absolutely no reason to make a different kind of clothes for ‘plus-sized’ women.
We are all women. We are all unique. We all have different lives, different beliefs and different curves.

I believe very strongly that every woman – of every size – should be able to wear the latest fashion trends.
I built Fox Factor on the strength of that one belief.



One goal, one purpose

At Fox Factor, we aim to make high-end premium jeans. Jeans that make a plus-sized woman feel like an absolute fox.

We continuously focus on research and development to create the best fit for your curves.
We work exclusively with the best fabric suppliers and finest craftsmen to provide you with the unique, quality garment you deserve.
We constantly follow the upcoming trends in denim, to give you a cutting-edge look.

There are three things on which we never compromise: quality, fit and washings.
Staying true to these priorities means we can give you jeans that not only look amazing, but fit perfectly, too.




Celebrating your sexy

Our top of the line, premium fabrics provide you with a great-feeling jean.
We use a new technology to make sure that the jeans hug your curves in all the right places and slim you down where necessary.
And each pair of jeans is individually hand-washed in Italy, giving it a character as unique as you are.

Fox Factor is a jeans brand created for all those women who have been looking for the perfect pair of jeans to celebrate their curves.
Women who are unwilling to compromise on quality. And women who demand the latest fashion looks.