5 Easy Ways to Make Your Denim Last Longer

We want you to enoy your Fox Factor jeans for as long as possible. That’s why we try to provide you with the best fit possible, in the best fabric possible. But girl, we need you too! Here are 5 of our best tips & tricks to help you make your denim last.

1. Don’t wash them too often

Don’t worry, it’s not as gross as it sounds. Ofcourse you can wash your jeans, just don’t wash them too often! If there’s a little dirt on them, try cleaning the spot with a washcloth instead of throwing your jeans in the washer… They really don’t need to washed after every wear.

2. Wash with cold water

This isn’t the 1950’s, nowadays it’s perfectly possible to clean your clothes at a lower temperature. If you want to keep that Fox Factor fit as perfect as it is, try washing your jeans cold (or even better yet by hand, but come on… Let’s be realistic here…).

3. Airdry (before putting them in the dryer)

Seriously, airdry your jeans! When they come out of the washer, just hang them up to dry. This will help keep their shape. The fabric might be a little stiff afterwards, but you’ll break it in as soon as you start wearing it. Want to speed up the process? Then let them airdry and toss ‘m in the dryer for a couple mintues once they’re dry. This will help soften them up again. Seriously, resists the urge to toss your jeans in the dryer, trust us on this one!

4. Wash them inside out

Washing them inside out will help maintain that gorgeous washing and colour we’ve worked so hard for. A small trick that will make a huge difference!

5. Stick ‘m in the freezer… or the shower

Want to freshen up your jeans a bit without washing them? Good girl! Sticking them in the freezer for a night will help kill any odor-inducing bacteria. For a warmer option, try hanging them in your bathroom when you take a shower. The steam will help freshen them up and they’ll be nice and toasty for you to wear!

Written by Marianne Nykjaer